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A Different Kind of Bad Beat Story - PocketFives Everyone has bad beat stories and most people get tired of hearing them. We all know someone who just can’t help but tell them all the time, while others make hands into bad beats when they were really just bad plays. I’m sure I’ve told my share of bad beat stories too. I have a different approach to bad beat stories. Your Bad-Beat Story is Not Unique - Poker Terms - Online ...

2 Feb 2006 ... If you've never played in a poker room with a bad beat jackpot, the rules are ... What's more, most of AZ's bad beat jackpots are progressive ... Five Of The Worst Bad Beats In WSOP Main Event History - Online poker 28 Jun 2018 ... Jeff Walsh looks at five of the worst WSOP Main Event bad beats ever ... Everybody has got a good bad beat story and, honestly, nobody cares. Million-Dollar Bad Beat Hit At $1-$2 Table On BetOnline Poker

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How a poker player had one of the worst beats ever and still won $427K Jan 18, 2018 ... The greatest “bad beat jackpot” in United States history just cushioned the blow of an absolutely rough hand of poker for a losing player and ... Poker: What's your worst bad beat? - Quora What are some of the most memorable bad beats in poker history? 2,258 Views ... But rest assured, it's a bad beat story. At $1–2 no-limit hold ...

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Poker: What's your worst bad beat? Update Cancel. ... This story involves a player I have previously identified as loose and me playing in $2-$5 no limit Texas Hold'em cash game at the Borgata casino located in Atlantic City, NJ in the United States. ... What’s the worst bad beat you have had playing online poker? 5 Actionable Ways to Deal with the Worst Poker Bad Beats With the phenomenal surge in poker’s popularity both in cardrooms and online, thousands of new players descend on the game every day. Combine inexperience with fast-paced online games and the result is an abundance of poker bad beats. No poker player is immune from bad beats and that is part of what makes poker a great game. The PokerNews Top 10: The Top 10 Big Event Bad Beats

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So, I always say that I consider two people all in pre-flop with the same hand (AA -vs- AA), with four suited cards running out on the board, to be the worst bad beat in poker. I've had this happen a couple of times. Whether you win or lose, you fully expected to split the pot when the hands are shown. Bad Beats Poker Stories

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Poker Bloggers Get $1,000 for Best Bad Beat Story The bad beat contest started yesterday and it will be accepting the first 25 applicants who post a link to their story on Compatiblepoker's blog comment section. If more than 25 want to spill their bad beat stories then Compatiblepoker will double it to 50 applicants and give two $1,000 winners. Bad Beat Stories from 3 Poker Pros on The New Yorker A recent video from The New Yorker shows Bad Beat stories from poker pros Nick Schulman, Jamie Kerstetter and Asher Conniff.. The New Yorker has rounded them up to the most “Shocking, Stressful and Regrettable” hands. How to interpret “bad beat” stories – | Mike Caro What Mike Caro teaches students about bad-beat stories… If you tell me a bad beat story, I’ll pretend to listen. I’ll nod sympathetically. But you need to know that I’ll actually be using this valuable time to ponder more profitable things. That way, you’ll experience the illusion that I care, while I’ll be productive.

Making critical mistakes in playing poker hands leads to many so-called bad beats. Poker News - World of Poker Headlines & Stories - PokerStrategy Global poker reports, world tournaments coverage, daily poker cartoon, poker books reviews and community announcements.