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Red Hot Poker - Growing and Caring for Torch Lilies - The Gardening ... The red hot poker is a member of the liliaceae family which is home to common lilies. These drought and heat tolerant perennials do well in the heat of mid ...

Pyromania™ 'Orange Blaze' - Red Hot Poker - Proven Winners Proven Winners - Pyromania™ 'Orange Blaze' - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia hybrid orange bright orange plant details, information and resources. Pyromania™ 'Rocket's Red Glare' - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia ... Proven Winners - Pyromania™ 'Rocket's Red Glare' - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia hybrid red white yellow warm red buds open creamy peach plant details, informa...

18" tall x 15-18" wide. Brought down from the high elevations of South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains, this little Red Hot Poker is a colorful bloomer with great cold hardiness and a compact mature size. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric).

The Red Hot Poker is drought tolerant once well established, has some salt tolerance, and is considered deer resistant. This tough and reliable clump forming perennial is deserving of a place in any sunny garden. Maintenance for Kniphofia is minimal. In zones 5 and 6 it is suggested that you tie up the foliage atop the crown to give added ... 1.5-Gallon Potted Red Hot Poker (L5331) at 1.5-Gallon Potted Red Hot Poker (L5331) Image shown of mature plant; shop your local Lowe's for plants specific to your growing zone; not for human or animal consumption ... drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant plant that comes back bigger and better every year. Add it to garden beds and borders to accent more traditional mounding ... Pyromania™ 'Rocket's Red Glare' - Red Hot Poker ...

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Not so for our range of drought tolerant plants, they will simply thrive in the hot and dry conditions, often needing very little care and attention but still giving you a fantastic display! Kniphofia uvaria Red hot poker from New Moon Nurseries Can't just call this a red hot poker as this is going to poke your sense of sight in shades of orange, yellow, cream and of course red. Drought Tolerant Plants: 15 Favorites for Late Summer Gardens

Kniphofia is sturdy South African native known for its tough, easy-to-grow nature. It has long grass-like foliage and unusual bi-color flower spikes in shades of orange and yellow.

Lesotho Red Hot Poker | landscape architect's pages Archive | Lesotho Red Hot Poker RSS feed for this section.It is tolerant of a maritime climate. Once established this plant is drought tolerant. Ecologically, Kniphofia caulescens flowers are attractive to pollinating insects and nectar loving birds. Red Hot Poker – SCV Water Red Hot Poker. Kniphofia uvaria. Plant Type: Perennial. Water Requirements: Low. Drought Tolerant: YES. Flower Color: Red/Orange. Flower Time: Summer. Light Requirement: Full Sun.

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Buy Kniphofia PYROMANIA™ 'Flashpoint' (Red Hot Pok Planted in a full sun location, PYROMANIA™ 'Flashpoint' is a drought tolerant perennial that can be enjoyed out in the garden as well as in a bouquet on the table. Hardy in zones 5b (when protected) to zone 9, Red Hot Pokers attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to the garden. Mango Shoutout™ Red Hot Poker -

Drought Tolerant.Pyromania™ 'Rocket's Red Glare' Red Hot Poker Kniphofia hybrid. Drought